As we have reported earlier, this year’s FINA Swimming World Cup has recently started in Kazan, Russia; and now we finally know which Hungarian swimmers can be expected to appear in Budapest, at the fourth stop of the event series. You can go and cheer for them between 4 and 6 October at the Duna Arena.

FINA Swimming World Cup

Hungary gets to host another outstanding swimming event, namely, the FINA Swimming World Cup. The event series started on 7 September in Kazan, Russia, and lasted for two days.

The competition will continue in Doha, Eidenhoven, while Budapest will be the fourth stop of the event series.

The FINA Swimming World Cup will be held at the Duna Arena, between the 4th and 6th of October. The event is organised by the collaboration of the Hungarian Swimming Association and the Bp2017 Nonprofit Kft. You can find more information on the official site of the world cup.

Hungary finished 4th on the medal table of the European Swimming Championship

First stop: Kazan, Russia

Visitors in Budapest will definitely see those Hungarian swimmers who performed remarkably at the first stop of the FINA Swimming World Cup in Kazan, Russia, including famous Hungarian sportsmen and sportswomen like Katinka Hosszú, Zsuzsanna Jakabos, Dávid Verrasztó and Dániel Dudás. Moreover, Boglárka Kapás, László Cseh and Tamás Kenderesi will most likely join the world cup as well, at its next stop in Eidenhoven.

In Kazan, Katinka Hosszú won five events and 11 medals: women’s 400 m Freestyle, 200 m Backstroke, 200 m Butterfly and 200 m and 400 m Medley.

Who is in the lead?

Currently, Swedish Sarah Sjostrom (60 points) and Russian Vladimir Morozov (54 points) are the early leaders of the World Cup series, after the first of seven tour stops.

Last year, Swedish Sarah Sjostrom won five events and set three world cup records. Morozov finished second last year, winning three events.

Featured image: Dávid Virrasztó, Facebook.com/uszoszovetseg

Source: Duna Arena

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