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The FINA Swimming World Cup was held between 4th and 6th October in Budapest, in the Duna Arena. Another successful swimming event has ended in Hungary, so make sure not to miss out on the results. Here are some of the highlights.

List of winners – men

400-metre medley

  1. Daiya Seto (Japan), time: 4:01.16
  2. Dávid Verrasztó (Hungary), time: 4:03.05
  3. Joan Lluis Pons Ramon (Spain), time: 4:08.38

50-meter butterfly

Nicholas Santos
Photo: MTI, Tamás Kovács
  1. Nicholas Santos (Brazil), time: 21.75 seconds – a world record!
  2. Chad Le Clos (South Africa), time: 22.11
  3. Kosuke Matsui (Japan), time: 22.62

100-metre backstroke

  1. Mitchell Larkin (Australia), time: 49.96 seconds
  2. Michael Andrew (USA), time: 50.36
  3. Ryosuke Irie, (Japan), time: 50.46

200-metre breaststroke

Kirill Prigoda
Photo: MTI, Tamás Kovács
  1. Kirill Prigoda (Russia), time: 2:01.58
  2. Anton Chupkov (Russia), time: 2:01.86
  3. Nic Fink (USA), time: 2:03.37

200-metre freestyle

  1. Blake Pieroni (USA), time: 1:42.00
  2. Chad Le Clos (Soth Africa), time: 1:42.78
  3. Vladimir Morozov (Russia), time: 1:43.01

List of winners – women

800-metre freestyle

Jianjiahe Wang
Photo: MTI, Tamás Kovács
  1. Jianjiahe Wang (China), time: 7:59.44
  2. Leah Smith (USA), time: 8:16.25
  3. Anna Egorova (Russia), time: 22.80

100-metre butterfly

Kelsi Dahlia
Photo: MTI, Balázs Czagány
  1. Kelsi Dahlia (USA), time: 54.84
  2. Sarah Sjoestroem (Sweden), time: 54.96
  3. Yufei Zhang (China), time: 56.27

200-metre backstroke

  1. Emily Seebohm (Australia), time: 1:59.94
  2. Kathleen Baker (USA), time: 2:00.69
  3. Katinka Hosszú (Hungary), time: 2:01.00

50-metre breaststroke

Alia Atkinson
Photo: MTI, Tamás Kovács
  1. Alia Atkinson (Jamaica), time: 28.56 – a world record!
  2. Yulia Efimova (Russia), time: 29.22
  3. Molly Hannis (USA), time: 29.51

100-metre freestyle

Ranomi Kromowidjojo
Photo: MTI, Tamás Kovács
  1. Ranomi Kromowidjojo (Netherlands), time: 51.01
  2. Sarah Sjoestroem (Sweden), time: 51.22
  3. Femke Heemskerk (Netherlands), time: 51.74

200-metre medley

Katinka Hosszú
Photo: MTI, Balázs Czagány
  1. Katinka Hosszú (Hungary), time: 2:04.13
  2. Melanie Margalis (USA), time: 2:04.65
  3. Emily Seebohm (Australia), time: 2:06.37

There were mixed categories as well, like the 4×50 medley relay where the Netherlands became champions, followed by the USA and Russia; and the 4×50 freestyle relay, with the Netherlands coming in first again but this time followed by the USA and Hungary.



Katinka Hosszú and Zsuzsanna Jakabos
Photo: MTI, Balázs Czagány


Sarah Sjoestroem
Photo: MTI, Tamás Kovács


Katinka Hosszú and Femke Heemskerk
Photo: MTI, Balázs Czagány


Winning Dutch medley team
Photo: MTI, Balázs Czagány

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Featured image: MTI, Balázs Czagány


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