Fine weather has finally arrived, although it brought a little bit of rainfall too. If you plan to go out, time it between Wednesday and Saturday and you will have a wonderful time.

The highest temperature of both Tuesday and Wednesday will be around 23 degrees, but Tuesday brings some thunderstorms too, so don’t forget your umbrella!

Wednesday will set the sunny weather and it will stay as long as Saturday. Between Wednesday and Saturday the temperature is constantly increasing degree by degree, reaching its peak of 27 degrees on Saturday. As the temperature will get higher, the wind will also get stronger: on Wednesday it will blow by 15 km/h, on Thursday and Friday it will be as strong as 17 km/h, while Saturday brings the peak again with 19 km/h strong winds.

However, reaching the peak of both temperature and wind will bring about a change in the weather. Sunday will be as hot as Saturday with the highest temperature of 27 degrees and the strength of wind will neither change, but showers will arrive and it will set the weather for the next week.

So the weather will be fine, more or less the whole week, enjoy the sunny days until the rainy days of May arrive.

Below the chart of can be seen.

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