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Finns are eager to migrate to Hungary

Finns are eager to migrate to Hungary

If it was up to them, Hungary would be filled with Finnish and Serbian immigrants. The inhabitants of these two countries would prefer the most to move to Hungary to find a job. made a survey in 189 countries, asking if they would come to Hungary to work here. It turned out that the Finns and the Serbians are the most interested, 16% of them said that they would be happy to move here.

Enthusiastic Romanians and French

The Romanians, the Slovakians and the French occupy the second place of the list, with 12%. It is also interesting that in Ukraine and Portugal, every tenth people thinks that Hungary is attractive when it comes to work.

Get to know the culture

According to, those who would come our country to work, are looking forward to gain special experience. Many people are motivated by the Hungarian culture, and better job offers and career opportunities.

Considering qualifications, engineers are the most willing to move to our country: 1/5 of them would be happy to live in Hungary. 9% of the people from the economics and administrative sectors, and 8% of IT professionals would move to us.

Worried about the traffic

Interestingly, most of the people who would move to Hungary are worried about the traffic, and are looking for information concerning this. This is followed by chance for learning the language, taxation, and the job opportunities for family members. Child care and training are considered to be the least important.

More men than women

Explaining the data above, mostly those would move here who do not live in a stable relationship and have no children (38%). The country is more attractive to men than to women: 2/3 of those longing for Hungary are men, and only 1/3 are women.
If someone chooses Hungary, they usually have long-term plans. Nearly 60% of the respondents thought that once they decided to move, it is worth spending more than 5 years here.

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translated by Vivien Pásztai

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