Etyek, 2017. március 21. Tûzoltók dolgoznak az etyeki Korda Filmstúdió egyik csarnokánál 2017. március 21-én, miután körülbelül 1500 négyzetméteres épületben tûz ütött ki. Személyi sérülés nem történt. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

Etyek, March 21 (MTI) – A fire broke out on Tuesday morning in a 1,500sqm facility of the Korda film studio in Etyek, 30km west of Budapest. No injuries have been reported, according to the disaster management directorate of Fejér County.

Scenery, accessories and paints caught fire, a disaster management spokesman said in a statement. At the time the fire broke out, there were 30-40 people in the facility. All of them managed to escape unharmed.

Firefighters were still tackling the fire from outside the building as it was too dangerous to enter due to falling objects. The roof warped, a sign of a fire producing considerable heat, Gábor Farkas-Bozsik said. Firefighters continually cooled the roof from the outside in a bid to prevent its collapse, he said.

Production manager Daniel Kresmery told MTI that a film was being shot in the facility in question and the scenery must have caught fire. There was no work going on in the building when the fire broke out at 8.30am.

Mid Atlantic Films’ Robin Hood was being shot in the studio.

The studio contains six sound stages, one of them among the biggest in the world. Current productions include Robin Hood: Origins and Blade Runner 2049.

Fire breaks out in Korda film studio, photo: MTI
Fire breaks out in Korda film studio, photo: MTI
Fire breaks out in Korda film studio, photo: MTI


The fire was put out in the early afternoon. Due to concentrated efforts, the fire was localised and, thanks to continuous cooling from outside, the roof of the building did not collapse, the spokesman said.

The disaster management authority will conduct an investigation to establish the cause of the fire on Wednesday, its spokesman told MTI on Tuesday evening. The fire left a vast amount of debris and burnt material at the compound, Gábor Farkas-Bozsik said.

The studio told MTI it could provide information about the material damage and the extent of delay in the shooting time schedule at a later time.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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