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Hungary’s first chimney cake pastry shop has opened in the Budapest Zoo, at ’Holnemvolt’ Castle, as reports. If you are in Budapest, you should definitely take a good look at specialties such as Kürtős Ice Cream and Double Raspberry Kürtős Fondue.

Chimney cake is a traditional Hungarian, Székely and Transylvanian cake, a freshly baked snack with a crispy outside and a yummy, light and even creamy inside. It is the star attraction of every festival, especially in winter.

However, there are places where this fabulous Hungarian dessert is offered during the whole year, from the classics to the most special and fanciest variations.

„As we prepare new chimney cake desserts every year for the Chimney Cake Festival, we have been longing for a place with an atmosphere, where visitors can try our specialities during the whole year” – one of the owners of Édes Mackó chimney cake confectionary, Tünde András said.

Visitors and chimney cake fans can try the most delicious creations every day in ’Holnemvolt’ Castle, the recently opened playground at the Budapest Zoo.

The Pastry shop is the first in the country to offer chimney cake dessert specialities, originally designed for Vitéz Chimney Cake Festival, such as the Kürtős Bearing, Creamy Kürtős, Kürtős Ice Cream and even Double Raspberry Kürtős Fondue.

As the shop is situated in ’Holnemvolt’ playground, some of the desserts were prepared for children in particular: the specialities bear special names such as Bear’s dream snack, Once upon a time provender, Brumi Ice Cream, Bear cub in the raspberry field and Bear cub’s favourite.

These desserts are prepared with milk also specifically for children, for instance, the Kürtős Rings with blueberry and a glass of milk, or the Poppy Seed Kürtős Pudding. Besides the chimney cake desserts, guests can also enjoy fruity syrups and lemonades (raspberry, mango).

Lactose- and glutene intolerants will also find something to eat: on Wednesdays, gluten and dairy free chimney cakes will also be available.

Vitéz Kürtős have opened the shop as the third one following the success of their shops in Csillagvár Shopping Center (near Chillaghegy, III. district) and the Zoo. They offer various opportunities for those who want to learn the tricks of chimney cake preparation, such as chimney cake cooking book and essential tools for home preparation. We have also shared a tasty and yummy chimney cake recipe earlier: if you are interested, try it!

Vitéz Kürtős started as a family enterprise at home, where owners learned from parents and grandparents how to make the perfect chimney cake. Thanks to them, traditional chimney cake was revitalized first in Székelyudvarhely, and now, in Budapest too.

The shop can be accessed both from ’Holnemvolt’ Castle and from the Zoo street (vis-à-vis to the ‘Széchenyi Thermal Bath).

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