Every year 2000 cauldron of fish soups are made in Baja, during the festival, hvg.hu says.

The festival, which is going to be the 19th, begins in 10th July, but the date of the common cooking is 12th July, Saturday. The first festival was held in 1996, the 300th anniversary of the town, and it became a tradition. The full name of the event is Family-friendly Fish Soup Festival of Baja.

The name shows that entertaining the families has the main role. This time, the downtown is filled with cauldrons, the whole town is cooking, the former residents are returning for this day.

According to hvg.hu, the fish soup of Baja is made at least three quarter part of carp and pasta cannot left out. In addition, every family has some secret ingredient. It is sure, that the Fishing Operativ Programme of Hungary realized in Baja: everyone eats here a lot of fishes.

based on the article of hvg.hu
translated by Becsi

Photo: vendegvaro.utazom.com

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