Hungarian Szekler cohesion

Five parties including ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats have expressed their willingness to join conservative opposition Jobbik’s initiative for a day of Hungarian-Szekler cohesion, Jobbik lawmaker István Szávay said on Monday.

Szávay proposed three weeks ago, on the 170th anniversary of the Szekler national assembly of Agyagfalva, that 11 centuries of Hungarian-Szekler co-existence should be commemorated by making the date a memorial day and called on all party group leaders to back the initiative.

The only party that has not responded is the Democratic Coalition (DK), which has never expressed much sensitivity towards ethnic Hungarians abroad, he said.

Jobbik does not support the idea of declaring Szeklers a nationality in Hungary because “a step like this would only provide ammunition for Romanians to divide ethnic Hungarians.”

“Szeklers are part and parcel of the Hungarian nation,” he said.

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Source: MTI

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  1. AHH!,
    This is what i like !! We Magyars can argue anything with each other till we’re blue in the face. Put our language, culture or history in the arena, no more arguing amongst ourselves! 5 parties agreeing on something says a lot about what i just declared. The question is this party representing a few of us that don’t support our cousins.. Who are they? Why do they act this way? It seems obvious that they are different from the rest of us, yet want to represent us. Go away commies!!

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