Photo: István Szimhár

There are countless reasons to visit Budapest, the Hungarian capital, but Hungarian Youtuber ABnormEL collected the top 5 why teenagers should visit the city.

First, staying in Budapest is extremely cheap (to be honest, it’s the cheapest tourist destination in the world), and teenagers usually have a really tight budget. Food and hotel rooms almost cost nothing compared to other European cities. And in the case of Budapest, cheaper doesn’t necessary mean that it’s bad!

The second reason is the city’s thriving night life. It’s almost impossible to spend your nights alone in Budapest when there are pubs on every corner, there are numerous events every day, and no matter where you look, you’re gonna find someone who is eager to show you around the city.

ABnormEL’s fourth reason to visit Budapest are the women. He repeated what many have pointed out before him: Hungarian women are beautiful. The Youtuber also recommends spending as much time as possible discovering the city, hiking, going to a bath, or visiting the zoo.

It’s also easy to travel to other European cities from Budapest, such as Vienna or Prague, so those who are planning to have a have trip in Europe by train should definitely drop by the Hungarian capital.

Watch the full video here:

Photo: István Szimhár

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