The Carpathian Mountains are one of Europe’s central mountain chains. Still, many people in Hungary does not know that the North Hungarian Mountains are also parts of the Carpathian Mountains. concluded some interesting facts about the majestic heights:

  • It begins at the Devín Gate, it surrounds the Carpathian Basin and Transylvania, then it ends in southwest at the Kazan strait.
  • It is the second most extended mountain range in Europe after the Alps.
  • Its whole length is 1500 kilometres, its width is between 12 and 500 kilometres, and is spread for 190,000 square kilometres.
  • The Carpathian Mountains are covered with 10 million hectars of natural forest.
  • Most of Central Europe’s remaining primeval forests can be found there, its whole territory makes up a total of 300,000 hectars.
  • The Carpathian Mountains is a contiguous mountain chain, but it can be divided into multiple parts. There are three main regions: Western Carpathians (affecting the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia), Eastern Carpathians (southeastern Poland, eastern Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania), and Southern Carpathians (Romania, Serbia).
  • It exceeds the height of 2500 meters. Its highest peak is Gerlachovský štít with 2655 meters. In the Hungarian part of the mountains, the highest peak is Kékes with its 1014 meters.
  • There are no glaciers like or areas covered with snow.
  • It has almost 4000 different higher plant species.
  • The Carpathian Mountains has the richest fauna in Europe. It has the largest brown bear, wolf and lynx population in the continent. About half of Europe’s imperial eagle population lives in the Carpathian Mountains. Another rare species is the European bison, which is represented by approximately 400 specimen in the region.
  • The North Hungarian Mountains are also parts of the inner edge of the Carpathian Mountains.
  • Several great cities of the world can be found near the mountain range, like Vienna, Krakow or Bratislava.

Here you can see the gorgeous view of “Europe’s crown”:

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