HVG.hu writes that families may find themselves having an amazing time at Millenáris, for the ultimate family programme is being held there: exhibitions of football and dinosaurs at the same time. One side is full of all things related to football, from the Golden Team to the Barcelona, while the other shows the amazing world of dinosaurs, thus, every age group might have some fun.

Budapest’s Millenáris is hosting two interesting exhibitions at the same time close to each other: the world’s greatest collection of football treasures is arriving from Italy to be put on show between June 22 and August 22, during which interval an incredible adventure in the form of a dinosaurs exhibition from Argentina is available to attend, too.

Paying a visit to these parallel exhibitions was called a three generation programme by a staff member, for typically speaking, the elder generation would reminisce nostalgically when seeing the relics of the Golden Team, while kids could lose their minds over the huge, moving and climbable dinosaurs. And, of course, in the middle, lightening the generation gap, would be found the younger adults who understand all the references, from Kubala to Ibrahimović.

Interactivity characterizes the football exhibition. Visitors are given a tablet at the entrance, which shows the exhibited material of every room, therefore, instead of a printed guide everyone can read the description of the relics virtually. Moreover, guests can use the device to make up their own virtual teams, including name of the team, jerseys, tactics, players, and play a simulated match against each other or a computer, at the end of their visit.

The process of creating these teams seems to be characterize the whole exhibition. The first room is all about the jerseys: it shows a wondrously colourful collection of football jerseys, which – instead of picking some of the biggest players’ jerseys – were actually chosen to illustrate the different styles and colour combinations.

Budapest, 2016. június 21. Híres focisták mezei a Gooól! címû futballtörténeti, nagyrészt olasz gyûjteménybõl nyílt kiállításon, a Millenárison 2016. június 21-én. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

Next up the players: the greatest defenders, midfielders and forwards are shown. They are categorized on the basis of their posts, and their actual worn jerseys and shoes, personal congratulating letters from clubs, and signed magazines can be seen in the room. The Golden Team has its own room, filled with relics of the Puskás Institute, thus, replications of the old and the new World Championships trophy can be taken a look at, but the Champions’ League cup is also there.

It was said that the best 90 players of all time are being exhibited, though, only those who had managed to be a world champion, European champion or winner of a Champions’ League are included. For instance, Ronaldo, Ibrahimović and Figo are among the celebrated players, all three of them wearing the jerseys of Inter.

After pleasantly seeing the interesting moments, relics and players of football, those who purchased a combined ticket may move over to the exhibition of dinosaurs and see where the noises they heard, while spending some time with the Puskás relics, come from. But don’t be surprised, the exhibition is not only about dinosaurs, for other ancient creatures are waiting to be visited as well.

Dinók a Millenárison

For example, aside the giant and moving dinosaurs, visitors can see a mammoth, the biggest exhibited creature, whose fur is covered with artificial snow and has great big fangs. Surely, these exhibition could mean an experience of time travelling, as it shows all these animals that do not exist anymore.

Dinók a Millenárison

From June 22 till August 22 anyone interested can see the spectacular dinosaurs and the world’s biggest football exhibition at Millenáris.

Photos: facebook.com/dinokiallitas; MTI

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Source: hvg.hu

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