Zoltán Balog, the Minister of Human Capacities, submitted a modification proposal which would make football part of the primary and elementary curriculum as a compulsory sport.

Origo.hu writes that they noticed the document which is only a draft now, but knowing the government’s feelings towards football and seeing the elaboration of the proposal, it is no doubt that the intention is serious.

It is laid down in the first sentence that football would be compulsory for both boys and girls starting from first grade. When listing the aims and assignments, they write findings like “For most children football means entertainment, social coexistence and the main form of self-expression.”

The proposal thoroughly discusses the curriculum of the two football practices/week. For instance, 7-year-old girls would have to acquire secrets of “applying pressure on the opponent while in defence and endeavour to get back the ball immediately after losing it” and the draft lists several other tactical elements, which even put our national football team to trouble.

The expected results are appointed after the developmental periods broke down into 2-year cycles. For instance this expects children after the first two grades to be technically and tactically able to do tasks like “ball technique with different parts of the feet” and “organised attack after losing the ball”.

According to the draft, students would practice football until the age of 18. Imre Sipos, Deputy State Secretary for General Education said that neither the training of teachers nor the development of the infrastructure and the demand for equipment would cost anything.

Another question is what will happen to those who are talented in some other sport, but football will improve their muscular system, physique and skills in a different direction?

The initiation of the proposal will be optional for the institutions along with 30 other thematic curriculums. These include language, financial-economic, military, home studies and ethnography classes. In the category of sports, there are opportunities for chess, horse riding, kayak-canoe, sailing and cycling classes.

based on the article of origo.hu
translated by Alexandra Béni

Source: http://www.origo.hu

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