Lake Balaton summer weather
Balatonfüred, Hungary. Photo: MTI

Országos Meterológia Szolgálat [National Weather Service] is, again, a bearer of bad news: we have to wait at least a couple of days more for the summer weather, as the first part of this week will still be cold, rainy and windy, Szeretlekmagyarorszá reports.

As we have reported last week, a major cold front has been dominating all Central Europe for the last couple of days. The temperature is much colder as one would expect it to be in June, and it is also quite windy and rainy, with only a few hours of sunshine. Let us see if that changes during this week.

What to do at lake Balaton when the weather is bad

Although Tuesday will begin as a sunny day, the clouds will slowly sneak in from the South-East during the day. Showers and storms are to be expected here and there. The highest temperature will be between 22-26˚ Celsius, and the lowest will be between 7-14˚ Celsius.

Wednesday will be a colder day with a maximum temperature of only 18-23˚ Celsius. However, the temperature is not expected to be lower than 11˚ Celsius at night. Many parts of the country can expect showers of rain and strong winds.

Southern and South-Eastern counties can expect rays of sunshine on Thursday, but the majority of the country can expect heavy rainfalls, and Eastern counties should prepare for storms even. The maximum temperature will be 20-26˚ Celsius, while the minimum temperature will be 11-17˚ Celsius.

Friday (hopefully) will be the last day of this awful cold front with stronger wind, rain, downpour and at some places storms. 20-27˚ Celsius will be the maximum, and 12-17˚ Celsius will be the minimum temperature.

The weekend brings better weather

Although people living in the South can still expect precipitation, Friday will be a dry and sunny day with only a few clouds. The temperature will be as high as 29˚ Celsius in certain parts of the country. However, the wind will be particularly strong.

Sunday is also expected to be a dry and sunny day with no precipitation, and with a maximum temperature of 22-27˚ Celsius.

Featured image: MTI


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