Budapest, June 26 (MTI) – The European Union should stop criticising Britain and its government and instead focus on figuring out what it is that needs to change in Brussels, Hungary’s foreign minister said on Sunday.

The choice of the British people must be respected, Péter Szijjártó told MTI. Only they have the right to decide what kind of future they envision for their country, he said.

He said that on Monday the foreign ministers of the Visegrad Four (V4) grouping of Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic will meet in Prague to discuss the state of the EU. The V4 ministers will then sit down for talks with their German colleague.

Talks are then set to continue in Warsaw with a meeting of the foreign ministers of the bloc’s non-founding members. However, so far only the central European ministers are guaranteed to be at that meeting, Szijjarto said.

Regarding Britain’s divorce talks with the EU, he said Britain’s exit “will not be a matter of bureaucracy”. Instead of rushing the UK to begin the talks, the EU should figure out what it wants to represent and achieve at those talks, Szijjártó said. “What matters is not when the talks begin but that by the time they do start, the EU knows exactly what it wants.”

He said central European member states would have an especially important role to play in the exit talks, as those countries have “very strong economic ties with Britain” as well as hundreds of thousands of their citizens working there.


  1. I totally respect the UK’s decision. My personal feeling was that it was not so much an EU problem as a EU leadership problem. All the the EU countries should have voted for new EU leadership before all these problems started including the UK leaving. I am sure this whole mess would have been averted if that happened. New EU leadership is the key not the EU breaking up. We are after all European brothers & sisters the continent over & that includes Russia. We should be united as a family is. The fact that there is hate crimes against the Poles & other EU citizens in the UK is sickening & absurd. Its like a family harming each other for no reason, and a family should protect each other. For God’s sake the Poles & other Europeans are part of the same family the UK belongs. I hope these people committing these horrible acts come to their senses before it really starts to get ugly.

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