Bucharest, February 14 (MTI) – Jobbik head Gabor Vona told a Romanian television channel he saw many signs suggesting that “leading powers seek to deepen conflicts between Hungary and Romania” in efforts to promote their own interests.

Vona’s interview was broadcast by Digi24 channel on Saturday evening.

Vona referred to “frightening” moves by Romanian authorities against Hungarians and said that he had no evidence that such moves could have been taken “at a US request”, but said he could not rule out “such a scenario”.

“My feeling is that what is happening in Transylvania today is not primarily about Hungarians and Romanians, [.], it is rather about a power struggle between the United States and Russia,” Vona said.

He said that it was important for both Hungary and Romania “to be very careful” in their foreign policy steps and prevent the development of conflicts.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

  1. But what is happening in Transylvania today, in fact? I know there is not discrimination… Ah, like the hungarians from Romania have absurd pretensions? That’s not normal … In many cases they pretend they do not speak romanian and require translator, although they lived in Romania since they were born? That’s not normal … They require territorial autonomy? That’s not normal … And this has nothing to do with any US-Russia conflict, this is the hand of Budapest. There are many minorities in Romania and none feels discriminated against, only Hungarians do. The Romanians have a german ethnicity president, head of DNA has hungarian name (Kovesi), they have a lot of hungarians parliamentarians, they have schools in hungarian language, so I do not think can be no question of any discrimination, only, it seems, this is the image that Budapest wants to create … And most loudly is that Jobbik, but not the only one. Viktor Orban including intentionally exaggerating. Everyone knows that the dream of Budapest is, again, annexation of Transylvania, but it will not work. I do not know why waste your energy on nonsense …

  2. @Cole,
    Your not ‘normal’, to the rest of us, but ‘normal’ back home in Romania. There, that’s the problem. Your past leadership ‘Ceausescu’, and all the other Mafia hordes that have run you country into the ground, leave someone to blame. Sure blame Budapest. You shouldn’t be concerned about that neighbour, but watch your back about your bigger neighbour. I’ll be sitting back having a beer back in Budapest when the fireworks will begin in Bucharest and Moldova. I won’t be worried at all about Transilvania. Enjoy your short time left 🙂


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