According to, the number of guest nights spent in Budapest has grown almost by 50% over the past five years, but tourism indicators per capita are still low.

To the Budapest Half Marathon in autumn, 30%, to the Marathon, 50% more people registered by the end of July than this time last year – Vilaggazdasag wrote. Arpad Kocsis, executive director of BSI said the runners and their companions will be an average of 3.2-3.8 nights in the city in 2015, mostly in 3 and 4-star hotels. Among the accomodation, the rate of apartment has increased: between 2012 and 2014, this figure rose from 11% to 24%.

Number of Eastern European increased

The number of Eastern European participants has also increased in recent years, even the 2-2.5 times of the earlier. This is due to the fact the registration costs 60-80% of the entry fee of the Berlin Marathon.

“At Half Marathon, the national top list remains to be led by the British, while the 42.2 km-length is led by the French. The third place is for the Italians, the list includes a total of 75 countries” – Arpad Kocsis told Vilaggazdasag.

According to the comparative study of Roland Berger consulting firm, thenumber of guest nights spent in Budapest has increased by 45% in the past five years, but the specific indicators remain low per capita. The international mass sports event is a little-exploited genre so far, while a total of 15 thousand runner tourists arrived to competitions of Telekom Vivicitta, Wizz Air Budapest Half Marathon and Spar Marathon Budapest last year.

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