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Voters voiced their opinion of the entire Hungarian opposition in Sunday’s by-election in Budapest’s 8th district, stating that they “want to have nothing to do with this pro-migration opposition, whether in coalition or not”, Fidesz lawmaker Máté Kocsis, the former mayor of the district, said late on Sunday.

The ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance’s Botond Sára won 62.85 percent of the votes in the ballot held to replace Kocsis after his election to the national assembly.

“A sweeping victory in the middle of Budapest,” Kocsis told a press conference.

Sára, the district’s current deputy mayor, defeated Péter Győri, an independent candidate backed by the opposition Socialists, Democratic Coalition, LMP, Momentum, Párbeszéd, the Hungarian Liberals and civil groups, and Zsolt István Fehérvári, the candidate of the Hungarian Workers’ Party.

According to the national election office, Győri received 36.39 percent of the vote and Fehérvári 0.76 percent. Turnout was 23 percent.

Sára said that the voters have given him mandate to continue with the development started in the previous cycle, and voted for security, order and progress.

The opposition’s alternative “raised the spectre of [the district] becoming a homeless den, a place for drug addicts and foreign immigrants,” he said. Mayoralty is a tool to help citizens of the district live in a safer, more orderly environment and better conditions, Sára said.

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Source: MTI

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