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Budapest, 2018. február 15. Lázár János, a Miniszterelnökséget vezetõ miniszter szokásos heti sajtótájékoztatóját tartja az Országházban 2018. február 15-én. MTI Fotó: Bruzák Noémi

János Lázár, head of the Prime Minister’s Office in the previous government, has been appointed the prime minister’s commissioner in charge of “the protection of non-smokers” effective August 15, the official gazette Magyar Közlöny reported on Tuesday.

According to the announcement, the commissioner will work to “preserve the achievements of previous government measures aimed at protecting non-smokers” as well as to make preparations for and coordinate “government activities concerning the regulation of the tobacco market”.

Lázár, in his new position, will coordinate the elaboration of short and long-term strategies concerning the protection of non-smokers, as well as the government’s position on new tobacco products and e-cigarettes.

The commissioner will directly report to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and will not receive the remuneration defined in the law on government members and state secretaries, Magyar Közlöny said.

Smoking culture has changed a lot in the recent years due to the new regulations in Hungary.

They have changed the marked areas for smoking and only tobacco shops can sell tobacco, read more HERE.

As we wrote before, if you are non-smoker, you get an extra day off if you are working in Szentes, Hungary. Authorities have recently decided that anyone who works either for the government or a business organisation and who does not smoke will get an extra day off each year, read more HERE.

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