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Daily News Hungary

Ferenc Gyurcsány, the head of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), on Saturday called on voters “committed to freedom and democracy” to organise an extra-parliamentary opposition because parliamentary tools are insufficient to unseat the government which “is building a dictatorship behind the trimmings of democracy”.

Giving a speech in Budapest, Gyurcsány said

he did not want upheaval, but called on more voters to take action, for example by demonstrating in the streets or by shaking up the country in “local forums for free speech”.

Gyurcsány told his supporters they must show that they are in the majority in Europe, while people on the continent are turning their backs on a “loser, bully prime minister”.

The dictatorship requires no Gulag or toothbrush moustache, the government has taken over the public’s information, financially incapacitated the opposition, “strangled” NGOs who oppose it and destroyed the justice system, Gyurcsány said.

Brussels will not replace the government, only the organised will of the people can topple it, as it only understands the language of force, he said.

Source: MTI

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