Budapest (MTI) – Ferenc Gyurcsány, head of the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK), has called on parties of the “democratic opposition” to cooperate before the next parliamentary elections.

Speaking at a local residents’ forum in Kaposvár, in southwestern Hungary, Gyurcsány offered to contribute “openness to compromise, generosity, and patience” and said he expected the same from the other parties.

“It is time we forgot about disputes and grievances, because they cannot be as grave as to hinder working together again in light of the current state of the country,” Gyurcsány said.

Gyurcsány said he saw the mistakes his own government had made, but insisted that the Socialist cabinet had been “basically motivated by decency, good intentions and an honest will to serve society”. He added that what he saw now was “no morals and no good will”.

Photo: MTI


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