Budapest, July 22 (MTI) – A former prison guard in Szeged has been accused of a recent, racially motivated assault on a young woman in southern Hungary’s Szeged, Ferenc Szanka, a spokesman for the local prosecutor’s office, said on Wednesday.

The suspect is believed to have seriously injured the victim, who tried to stop a group of at least three people from harassing her boyfriend they assumed to be an immigrant because of his skin colour.

The incident took place on Saturday night when the victim, her Cuban-born boyfriend and her brother were walking home from a party, Szanka said.

One of the attackers shouted “Get out of this country” to the Cuban youth, while the woman tried to explain that he had lived in Hungary for 20 years. The suspect then hit her so severely that she suffered a fractured cheekbone and lost her conscience.

The spokesman added that the two other men also suffered injuries.

The suspect was questioned and denied the charges. He has been dismissed from his job in the meantime.


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