Kolozsvár (MTI) – Prince Charles, the British heir to the throne announced the founding of the Romanian Prince of Wales Foundation, staying in a private visit in Transylvania (in Hungarian: Erdély) – Digi24 television said.

The foundation intends to pursue educational activities in the areas of heritage conservation, agriculture and sustainable development. Its headquarters will be in Szászfehéregyháza (Viscri), Brasso County, on the estate which was bought by the foundation of Prince registered in Britain. As the television, the foundation will renovate and convert the Saxon village estate into a training center. The conference room will be able to accommodate 70 people. The foundation is managed by the Board of Trustees appointed by the Prince; one of them is Count Tibor Kálnoky.

According to the communication of the foundation, the Prince undertook to support Romania in the rediscovery of some, practically forgotten rural crafts. This is the first step, which will be followed by more according to the needs of the rural communities.

Prince Charles confirmed in his statement given to the Digi24 television that it’s his first foundation which is established outside the British community. As an explanation, he added: he loves Romania and he has Transylvanian ancestors, MTI said.

The British heir arrived in Romania on Sunday. After he visited President Klaus Iohannis in Bucharest, he traveled to his estate in Zalánpatak, Szeklerland. According to the coverage of Háromszék newspaper, the Prince also played a role in the jury of a reaping competition. The competition was won by the reapers of Zalanpatak, who could surprisingly overtake the Csángó reapers of Gyimesbükk.

Prince Charles is a returning guest in Romania. He spoke more than once about the special relationship of mankind and environment in Transylvania, which, according to him, is hard to find in other parts of Europe.

The British royal family has Transylvanian Hungarian roots: Klaudia Rhedey, great-great-grandmother of II. Elisabeth was born in Erdoszentgyorgy, Maros County in 1812 and she was raised in the Rhedey Castle there.

based on the article of MTI
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