Hungarian minority ethnic group Csángós in Romania: Finally Hungarian mass in the church! – PHOTOS

Do you know why it is so important to #Csángós? Find out about more:

August 20 – Hungarian gastronomy festival attracts tens of thousands – PHOTOS

#Budapest's Street of Hungarian Flavours gastronomy festival is waiting for you ;) #Ízekutcája #Hungary #Hungarian #gastronomy

A miraculous Hungarian-speaking village in Constanta

A small Hungarian-speaking village on the coast of the Black Sea shows how strong the Hungarian national identity is :)

Bid seeking recognition of Szeklers as native ethnic group ‘dangerous’, says deputy PM

"Szeklers and Csangos are Hungarians!"

Even Taiwan sends dancers to Csango Festival

Check out Csango Festival between between 8-13 August ;)

House speaker attends world meeting of Csángó Hungarians in Romania

Brassó, Romania (MTI) – László Kövér, Hungary’s house speaker, attended the opening ceremony of a world meeting of Csángó Hungarians in central Romania’s Brasov (Brassó) on […]

Csángó ball held in Brussels for first time

Brussels (MTI) – A Csángó ball, organised in part by the Office for the European Representation of Hungarian National Communities (HUNINEU), was held in Brussels for […]

Foundation was established by the British heir to the throne in Transylvania

Kolozsvár (MTI) – Prince Charles, the British heir to the throne announced the founding of the Romanian Prince of Wales Foundation, staying in a private visit […]

President Áder opens Csángó Ball in Budapest

Budapest, February 7 (MTI) – President János Áder opened the 19th Csángó Ball in Budapest on Saturday. In his opening address, the president said that national […]

XVIII. Budapest Csángó Ball on this weekend

Budapest, February 14 (MTI) – Folk traditions related to weddings will be shown at this year’s Csángó Ball this weekend in Budapest. Guests will be greeted […]

Csángó Hungarian folk singer and educator Ilona Nyisztor received the European Citizen Prize

The European Citizen Prize is given to individuals that effectively promoting mutual understanding among the citizens of the EU Member States. The award has been presented […]