Budapest, February 14 (MTI) – Folk traditions related to weddings will be shown at this year’s Csángó Ball this weekend in Budapest.


Guests will be greeted upon arrival with Csángó pálinka and scone, and with Csángó folk music and dance at Petofi Hall near City Park, the organisers said.

On the stage, members of the Csango community, a distinguished ethnic Hungarian group from Romania’s Moldavia region, will perform long-time traditions related to weddings, accompanied by music groups from the villages of Pusztina, Klézse, Lészped, Külsőrekecsin, Para, Gyimes and Sötétpatak.

In and around the hall, Csángó folk songs and dances will be taught to adults and separately to children and bands will perform music until the early morning.

A photo exhibition will present the day-to-day life of Csángós.

The event’s chief patron is President János Áder and it will be opened by Human Resources Minister Zoltán Balog.

The Csango community in eastern Romania’s Moldavia region comprises about 250,000 members. They are believed to have fled from neighbouring Transylvania in at least two bigger waves. Many Szeklers fled the forced recruitment into the Austrian military in the 18th century. About 60,000 members of the community still speak an archaic form of Hungarian.

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