2020 is almost here, and a brand-new year starts with new opportunities and adventures. On December 31, many people decide to celebrate the end of 2019 by throwing a party somewhere. The Hungarian capital is an excellent choice to spend your New Year’s Eve celebration with many programs for those who would like to party and for others who would like a simple celebration. Here are the top four reasons why you should say good-bye to 2019 in Budapest.

Christmas Markets

It might be odd to mention Christmas markets first as a New Year’s Eve program. Believe it or not, the major markets of Budapest still function on the last day of 2019. For example, the Christmas market on Vörösmarty Square is open on this night until 4.00 am (January 1) while the one at St. Stephen’s Basilica until 3 am. For those who did not have an opportunity to visit these markets, it is now an excellent program to wait for midnight with some delicious meals and a glass of mulled wine.

Budapest, Hungary, Christmas, market
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Swimming all night long

Yes, it is possible! At the Aquaworld Budapest, the facility prepares with an amazing and spectacular night bathing for those who would like to welcome 2020 in a swimming pool. Aquaworld offers fire shows, concerts, and dinner for the night of December 31. The party starts at 9.30 pm and lasts until 2.30 am (January 1). The entrance fee is not cheap (20,000 HUF [60 EUR]) but gives you an experience only available once a year.

swimming pool
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The last ruin bar tour

Don’t worry, just in 2019. Budapest is famous for its ruin bars in the city centre, and several international news portals have emphasised that these small places are significant parts of the fantastic and spectacular nightlife of Budapest. Instant, Csendes, Mazel Tov and Most are the most popular ones in the city. On the night of New Year’s Eve, they are definite musts if you would like to have an amazing party.

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Fogas Ruin Bar Budapest
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Simply walk around in the city

If you would like to celebrate New Year’s Eve by joining the nightlife of the city and by exploring some sights at the same time you only have to do one thing: walk around in Budapest. On the evening of December 31, the streets are usually flooded by people who would like to celebrate the coming of the new year. From the city centre to the suburbs of the capital you can find celebrating people and also enjoy the beauties and sights of the city.

Budapest, Buda Castle, Hungary
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Source: Daily News Hungary

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