According to the Thursday issue of Világgazdaság, based on the information from the Ministry of National Development (NFM), the developmental portfolio has been working on the concept of the planned free WiFi, but there will be data about the details, such as timing, only after the government decision, reports

According to the plans, the free WiFi service can be used from the second half of 2018 in Hungary. The aim, formulated in the Digital Welfare Program, is to have available access in one public place and one public building in 3500 cities of the country.

According to the NFM, all the other connected projects must be taken into consideration while shaping the concept, such as the super-fast internet program, which is to make it available for every Hungarian household to have 30 mbit/s internet.

The development of the broadband network can be accomplished by the winners with EU support. 234 applications from 43 companies got judged by the employees of the tender. The winners will got 43 billion HUF and the cost of the project will be altogether 63 billion HUF. The requirement of the tender was that the winners must undertake to ensure free wi-fi service in the centre of every city concerned with the development.


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