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Fresh out of the oven: check out the new VOLT Festival Hymn – VIDEO

Fresh out of the oven: check out the new VOLT Festival Hymn – VIDEO

Világjáró Magazin notes that the new Telekom VOLT Festival hymn is finally out, performed by some of the most popular Hungarian musicians and songwriters, such as Majka & Curtis, along with the Eurovision nominee Joci Pápai.

The VOLT hymns are usually great hits and very popular among Hungarian listeners. These songs from the past few years are still being played on Hungarian radios, with millions of views on YouTube and tens of millions of streams and downloads.

Norbert Lobenwein, the festival’s chief organiser, said that he is sure that the song written by Majka and Curtis will be an absolute hit this summer.

The duo is easily the most anticipated Hungarian performer, who has dazed the crowd several times in the recent years.

Zoltán Fülöp added that it is a great honour to have Majka & Curtis perform the hymn this year, and Joci Pápai (he is going to perform at the festival for the first time this year) is a perfect addition to the mix.

The inspiration behind the song

The song is titled ‘Irány Sopron!’, which translates loosely to either ‘Go Sopron’ or ‘Let’s go to Sopron’. One of the performers, Majka argued that it is always fun for them to attend VOLT both as a performer and as a festival-goer. They also love Sopron, where the crew usually rents a holiday house so that they can enjoy the beautiful scenery during the day. Majka revealed a fun secret: he once attended one of the concerts in a mask so that no one recognised him, thus having a truly relieved night.

Check out what happened last year at VOLT Festival for a teaser

About the performers of the hymn

Világjáró Magazin writes that Majka is sort of a daredevil on the Hungarian show business scene. He is not only a rapper, but also a TV and radio presenter, and someone who always tells ‘what it is’. He paired up with Curtis a couple of years ago and since then wrote several songs that became absolute bangers in Hungarian music history. Their success is further shown by the number of people who attend their concerts and by the fact that they perform at the main stage during VOLT.

If you are following the events of the Eurovision, Joci Pápai’s name might sound familiar.

He represented Hungary in 2017. They are good friends with Majka, and the two make a successful pair when it comes to writing hit songs.

‘Irány Sopron’ is published under Magneoton, the lyrics were written by Majka and Curtis, while Arnold Vígh and András Vámos composed the instrumental parts. The video clip was produced by Blind Media (VOLT’s all-time visual partner), directed by Péter Pallag.

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