The 39-year-old photographer was sentenced to 7 and half years in prison, who choked, beat and raped a girl in freshmen’s camp of ELTE in Fonyodliget last August. Szilard K. Sandor received almost the maximum penalty, which can be imposed. The verdict is not final, the prosecutor appealed for severe, the accused for less severe punishment, said.

District Court of Fonyod sentenced Szilard K. Sandor to 7 years 6 months in prison, who raped a girl in the freshmen’s camp of ELTE TOK. The defendants were barred from public affairs for eight years.

The man was sentenced in the middle of the 90’s, and eight years later, proceedings began against him for assault against decency.

The court conducted the trial with closed doors “in order to spare the victim”, and the defendant wasn’t present at the hearing of the victim. Before two days of Wednesday’s decision, 9 witnesses and one forensic expert was heard by the court, said.

Gabor Toth M., the victim’s lawyer said the court made a wise decision since it imposed almost the maximum of the punishment.

After the incident in Fonyodliget, another similar case has also been revealed. In the article of Index published last October, a student girl spoke about the rape against her, which was committed in the freshmen’s camp of the ELTE Faculty of Law in 2013.

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