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FTC Secures Contract To Operate New Football Stadium

FTC Secures Contract To Operate New Football Stadium

The French Lagardere Unlimited Stadium Solutins will have the licence to operate the greens’ newly built stadium in the next ten years, reports

The club announced the deal on a press conference on Wednesday. The French company is important on the field, it has live contracts with top clubs like Borussia Dortmund, Hertha BSC, Juventus, Atalanta or PSG, Monaco and Lyon. The parent company, Lagardere, is a media concern which has interests in 30 countries, and has an annual revenue of € 7 billion. The company was mostly present in Hungarian media as it owns Lapker Zrt.

The Hungarian branch of Lagardere, Lagardere Unlimited Stadium Solutions (LUSS) Kft is directed by former FTC player Tamás Szekeres. According to’s information, it was funded in March and its place is the stadium’s address, Üllői út 129.

LUSS will be responsible to find advertisers, sell ticket and organize events as well as find sponsors and supporters and to secure deals for the club.


According to the plans, LUSS will host about 100-120 non-football events each year. These will mostly be conferences, although 2-3 concerts in the arena can be expected annually.


The name of the stadium is not yet decided, the club might use a sponsor instead of the original Albert Flórián Stadion. If a suitable offer will be made, the club will discuss the possibility of name change with the Albert family.
The stadium will be finished in the summer, the opening match will be held in early August. The opponent is not known yet, but they would like to play against a famous team. The cheapest ticket in the stadium will be HUF 1800.

Origo asked Gábor Kubatov, president of FTC about the candidates for the stadium operating, He revealed that 3 companies applied for the tender, but he did not say anything about the other two.

Tamás Szekeres admitted to Origo that the operator have to invest some money into the facilities in order to make the suitable for the planned events. He said that this will be likely less than HUF 300 million.

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by Oliver Tamasi

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