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Furmint February is held for the 8th time in 2018 to celebrate and to promote the high-quality grape variety that is unique to the Pannonian Basin: Furmint, reports. Here are all the events you can attend to celebrate (or try out for the first time) this particular type of white wine.

Furmint is celebrated all over the country this month. Visitors can attend several events that are dedicated to one of the most promising grape varieties in the Pannonian Basin. The whole month of February is all about this unique white wine. Several restaurants offer glasses of Furmint that can be tasted and purchased with a discount at the different wine shops and wine bars. Many wine dinners and wine tastings will be organised as well.

If you are interested in how the movement of Furmint February started, you can read an elaborate article about it here.

Debrecen hosts a large-scale walking wine tasting and workshop on Friday (16 February). Debrecen has been hosting the traditional Furmint tasting for years, and each year more than 50 wineries attend the wine tasting where visitors can try more than 150 different kinds of wines. The event will be held at Kölcsey Centre, Debrecen.

Visitors can even attend a unique blind wine tasting where they can try Furmint from the three most crucial Furmint producing areas in Hungary: Tokaj, Somló and the Northern parts of Balaton.

Furmint February is organised for the first time in Mád this year, and it starts on 17 February (Saturday) with 18 different Hungarian wineries attending the event. Tickets are available online.

In the Káli Basin, events will be held between 23 February and 25 February, where visitors can attend wine dinners, tours to the vineyards and lectures.

Köveskál will also host Furmint February for the first time between 23 and 25 February. The events will be similar to the previously mentioned ones: wine dinners, vineyard tours, lectures.

Special Furmint tastings will be held at the following restaurants:

  • Mélytányér (Balatonalmádi) on 16 February
  • Vinatrium (Piliscsaba) on 16 February
  • Palack Wine Bar (Budapest) on 21 February

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