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All historic baths in Budapest closed in March due to the novel coronavirus epidemic. Many have reopened since then, except for Király Thermal Bath and Gellért Bath. Luckily, Gellérth Bath opens on 1 September. All services will be available except for the wave pool.

Most of Budapest’s baths opened their gates in the middle or end of May. The last spa of Budapest Gyógyfürdői Zrt. that remains closed is Király Thermal Bath. Since the establishment is in need of a serious renovation, they do not have the necessary resources to reopen.

Due to the many new rules and restrictions these institutions need to follow, several of them changed their ticket prices. On the one hand, given that only a few pools are open, tickets ought to be cheaper for less service. On the other hand, baths are allowed to welcome much fewer visitors due to the virus, plus they need to follow stricter hygienic rules that cost a lot of extra money. Therefore, many baths operate with higher expenditure and less profit.

Luckily, Gellért Bath is among those the ones that decided to cut their prices, Turizmus Online reports.

Price changes

Gellért Bath used to be one of the most expensive historic baths in the capital. This seems to be changing now.

  • Pre-coronavirus (before March 2020), a daily ticket with a locker cost around 18 Euros on weekdays and 19 Euros on the weekend. This fall, the same ticket will cost 11 Euros on weekdays and 13 Euros on weekends.
  • The so-called Zsigmond Clubcard continues to grant discounts at the bath. Guests with Zsigmond Clubcards will be able to use the spa for 3 Euros/day all week.
  • Due to the months-long shutdown of the bath, the validity of already issued Zsigmond Clubcards is going to be expanded, but locker prices increased to 9 Euros/day.
  • Renting a locker for 15 times used to cost 240 Euros, now, guest can do the same for 146 Euros (tickets valid until 31 December 2020).

Restrictions still in effect

Indoor pools are not yet open to the public, only restrooms and dressing rooms. To slow down the coronavirus epidemic and to avoid further infections, all the Hungarian baths introduced safety restrictions for guests. The following places are not allowed for guests to use: indoor pools, saunas, indoor slides, amusement elements inside the pools, thermal bath services, health services, baby pools and wave pools.

Ligetalja Thermal Bath, hotel, Hungary
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