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German officials are “grateful” for Hungary’s efforts to protect the European Union’s external border, because these efforts also help protect Germany’s borders, Hungary’s minister of human resources said after talks with leading German officials in Berlin on Friday.

“In half-private, friendly conversations, everyone is grateful” to Hungary for the measures it has taken to manage the migration crisis, Zoltán Balog told Hungarian public media. He said German officials were starting to see that “[Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán was right”.

“We aren’t the ones who have changed, but rather it is the European position that has caught up with us,” he said.

Balog said this was demonstrated by the fact that European countries were now making sure to devote close attention to the protection of the bloc’s external borders, the enforcement of migration regulations and protective measures against terrorism.

The minister was in Berlin to attend an international prayer breakfast where he held talks with Bundestag president Norbert Lammert and German Health Minister Hermann Groehe, among other officials.

Source: MTI

  1. Grate, why don’t the German politicians say it themselves then? At least why have they been so easy to pound Hungary for their apparent violations. The Germans have been too quiet to believe this all of a sudden. Maybe Hungary will loose to the commie left liberals and the fence will go down and then Germany will say something positive for once, right?

  2. Yes, if it was not for the fence at the Hungarian-Sirian border, Germany would have had more to contend with than the few they are taking out of the country by plane. I doubt most of the German people want migrants in Germany, the same with most European countries. This is not true politics and has nothing to do with the ordinary people, it is the Liberals, Socialists and bureaucrats that are causing all this migrant trouble along with Soros. Europe needs to start listening to Hungary, because Hungary are the only ones that have got it right.

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