Turizmus.hu reports that, as in the previous years, Traveller.com chose the best hotels and the concierge of this year, too, and to the great delight of Hungarians, the Concierge of the Year became a Hungarian man working in Budapest.

The annual compilation of Traveller.com concerning the best hotels and concierges of the world reveals that it is not needed to travel far to meet the Concierge of the Year, as a Hungarian man working in the prestigious Kempinski Hotel Corvinus in Budapest was awarded this title. The Hungarian attendant is also a member of the Les Clefs d’Or, the international association made up of professional hotel concierges.

For the members of the elite Les Clefs d’Or, nothing is impossible, as with great dedication and hard work, they attempt to accede to all requests.

For instance, Tamás Takács, the Hungarian winner, spent much time finding a solution to the problem of a visitor. The issue of the tourist in question was a broken tooth that would have spoilt the 15-day-long cruise of the person if the Hungarian concierge had not figured out something. However, Tamás Takács, receiving this e-mail asking for help, found the solution and responded within 15 minutes. The ship with the tourist on board landed in Budapest at 5 p.m., and by 9 p.m., the broken tooth was repaired.

Tamás Takács, Best Hotel Concierge of 2017/facebook/Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest/

However, it is not only the best concierge who was awarded this year but the best eco-friendly hotel as well that is in the capital of Jordan. This is the Feynan Ecolodge in Amman. Concerning the best city hotel, The Whitby Hotel of New York was judged the best.

Sophisticated design/facebook/The Whitby Hotel/

The most unusual hotel of the year, is the Chateau Monfort found in Milan, the building of which is a pink villa built in 1903 that is decorated with art nouveau motifs. In contrast, the interior design of the hotel is very contemporary and modern with patterns like owls, rabbits or butterflies decorating the hall. As far as the rooms are concerned, their design reflects popular opera and fairy tale themes.

Luxurious comfort/http://www.hotelchateaumonfort.com/

In 2017, the best family resort award goes to the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, found on the Fiji Island, that convinced the jury with its new submarine programmes offered to children and adolescents.

Furthermore, this recently-renovated 5-star eco-friendly hotel also offers child care services 24/7 during which the childcarers take the kids on rainforest tours, fishing trips or white-water rafting trips and 2 marine biologists help the little ones get to know more about the underwater world.

Another interesting thing to visit is the Dolphin Island, part of the Fiji Islands, that provides unique accommodation for maximum seven people who can enjoy the feeling of being the sole guests on the island.

The real paradise/facebook/Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji/

Last but not least, the hotel offering the most spectacular view for visitors in 2017 is the Explora Patagonia in Chile, while the most aristocratic residence is the Villa La Massa in Firenze that was once the possession of the Medicis. The most affordable luxury hotel is the Vietnamese Reveire Saignon that deserves the award because of its fascinating marble floor, mosaic design and large windows that leave the visitors speechless.

Congratulations to all the prize winners! 🙂

Source: turizmus.com

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