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Gigantic debts in the Hungarian hospitals

Gigantic debts in the Hungarian hospitals

As Daily News Hungary reported in August 2016, the Hungarian hospitals’ debt portfolio was rapidly increasing by 3-4 billion forints each month. State secretary of health Zoltán Ónodi-Szűcs would have considered a 20 billion forints (EUR 65m) rise acceptable for 2017. However, the debt portfolio of the Hungarian hospitals increased by 25.5 billion forints (EUR 83m) just in the first 9 months of 2017, according to

To start with the so-called flagship of the Hungarian public health care, the Medical Centre of Hungarian Defence Forces in Budapest has the largest debt among all hospitals in the country. The institution increased its debt portfolio by 532 million forints (EUR 1.72m) in September. As a result, it owes its suppliers 3.8 billion forints (EUR 12.3m) all together.

The debt portfolio exceeds 1 billion forints (EUR 3.24m) in 9 additional institutions.

Similarly, the hospital of Péterfy Sándor Street added 268 million forints (EUR 0.87m) to its unpaid bills in September. Therefore, its debt reached 1.8 billion forints (EUR 5.84m). Moreover, Hetényi Géza Hospital and Outpatient Clinic in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County produced a 190 million forints (EUR 0.62m) rise in the last month. Thus, it accumulated a 1.5 billion forints (EUR 4.86m) debt.

Among universities taking part in inpatient-care, the University of Debrecen and the University of Szeged could reduce their debts. The former decreased its debt by 209 million forints (EUR 0.68m) while the latter by 77 million forints (EUR 0.25m). However, they still owed their suppliers 1.043 billion (EUR 3.38m) and 1.493 billion forints (EUR 4.84m) in September. In contrast, the University of Pécs added 318 million forints (EUR 1.03m) to its debt. Therefore, it owes now altogether 1.3 billion forints (EUR 4.2m).

Finally, the Central Hospital of Békés County (EUR 4.86m), the Szent János Hospital (EUR 4.22m) and the United Szent István and Szent László Hospital (EUR 4.35m) can still be found among the greatest debtors – according to a listing of

All in all, Hungarian public hospitals were unable to pay a total of 4.3 billion forints (EUR 1.4m) for their bills due in September. Thus,

their debt exceeded 39 billion forints (EUR 1265m) last month.

Autumn has started badly, since the balance worsened in September faster than usual – according to the Hungarian State Treasury. The average debt increase was 2.8 billion forints (EUR 9.1m) per month this year.

Photo: MTI


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