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Three main squares in the heart of Budapest are now in the process of being renovated, thanks to Penta Ltd. construction company. The squares are Vörösmarty Square, József nádor Square and Podmaniczky Square, to be precise.

In District 5 of Budapest, significant public space-beautification is underway. The construction company Penta Ltd. is responsible for the building works, reports Magyarepitok. They were also the ones in charge of renovating Ferenciek Square as well as Magyar Street.

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Vörösmarty Square

Photo: Daily News Hungary

The surfaces of one of the most well-known squares in Budapest will be completely renewed, replacing the over 30-year-old pavements. Instead of the concrete surfaces, the square will get unique, high-quality and natural pavements. The public and decorative lighting systems will also be renewed, along with the street furniture in the area. The fountain with the lions will get a new location, and the nearby streets will also get spruced up. The contractors reassured everybody that they will take into account the unique layout of the square, paying special attention to the ground level elements of the M1 metro station as well as the base of the surrounding buildings. The new design of the square is planned to have a strong carrying capacity and will be prepared to accommodate big crowds.

At the moment, about 80% of the square is under construction. The works started in January and are planned to be completed in August.

Podmaniczky Square

podmaniczky tér budapest hungary magyarország
Plans of the renovated Podmaniczky Square

Podmaniczky Square, where the Arany János Street metro station on metro line M3 is also located, will turn into a true urban park, according to the plans. Planting 82 new trees will help make it airier, and renovating the nearby streets will increase the surface of the new and improved park. It is also the first time that the new technology already popular in western Europe will be implemented in Hungary, allowing the roots of the trees to keep developing in an urban setting, too. The statue is also being renovated and will get a new location in the south-western area of the square once the works are done. Construction started in January and is planned to be finished in August.

József nádor Square

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The renovation works of József nádor Square started in May 2018 and are planned to be completed by July 2019. The surface of the square was divided into three sections – one including the pavements, the second involving the streets used by cars and the third being the immediate surroundings of the statue in the square -, with each getting its own unique new look.


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