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Vörösmarty square (at the northern end of Váci street) and Podmaniczky square (near Arany János utca M3 metro station) located in downtown Budapest will be revamped so that it fits 21st-century trends more – stated the mayor of the 5th district.

Szeretlek Magyarország reports that the 5th district, the Hungarian government and the capital city will fund the modernisation. According to plans, the construction works will be finished by August 31st. The reconstruction of Vörösmarty square will cost 2.3 billion forints (EUR 7 million) and of Podmaniczky square 1.2 billion forints (EUR 3.7 million).

Vörösmarty square

As we have previously reported, Vörösmarty square will be renewed entirely concerning both the walls and the pavement. The over 30 years old paving-blocks will be swapped for better quality, uniquely designed natural blocks.

The main goal is to create a square that fits the needs of markets and cultural events that are to be organised here.

A uniform shading system will be installed for this purpose, and the necessary interface cables will be hidden in the pavement. Besides, a new street lighting system will be introduced, along with new street furniture.

Not only will the Vörösmarty statue’s surrounding be reconstructed, but the nearby bystreets will be revamped similarly to that of the square. The public places affected will be the section of Deák Ferenc street between Bécsi street and Apáczai Csere János street, along with Vigadó street and Harmincad street.

Podmaniczky Frigyes square

The mayor of the 5th district, Péter Szentgyörgyvölgyi said that the trolley station at Podmaniczky Frigyes square would be dissolved. In a similar manner to Vörösmarty square, natural paving-blocks will be used to renovate the square and the street lighting will be renewed as well.

The goal here is to create a city grove out of the centre of the square, and for this end, 82 trees will be planted.

photos: http://www.belvaros-lipotvaros.hu

Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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