Vörösmarty square is best known for the Christmas and the spring fairs. The objective of the renovations is the development of a consistent outlook for the neighbourhood, and making it more of a community space, as pestbuda.hu reports.

The reconstructions, which are scheduled to start in September, are going to take place in several stints, making the project last until August 2019. The square will be paved with natural stone, and the street furniture will be renewed as well. Sewerage, public utilities and lights will be changed, too

While keeping the healthy trees intact, new trees will be planted alongside them, and the Vörösmarty statue will be put under grass.


The statue of Mihály Vörösmarty, Hungarian poet. Photo: Daily News Hungary

The complex renovation works aim to create a consistent outlook with the neighbouring streets and making more pronounced its function as a community space, making the square better suited for the temporary fairs that often take place here. However, the dominance of pedestrian traffic is to be maintained. Next to Vörösmarty square, Deák Ferenc street between Bécsi street and the Vigadó will be renovated, as well as Vigadó street and Harmincad street.

The final plans are still being finalised, but the planned duration is from the beginning of September until August 2019. The renovations are to be put on break during the winter and spring fairs for two months. The whole project is financed by the district with support from the home office, costing about 1.6 billion Forints.

Featured image: fb/szilveszterhu

Source: pestbuda.hu

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