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Gourmet Festival 2017: strawberries, star chefs, Mangalica

Gourmet Festival 2017: strawberries, star chefs, Mangalica

This year, in addition to the finest Hungarian restaurants, Gourmet Festival is going to present the region’s best restaurants as well, reports

The OTP Bank Gourmet Festival – Hungary’s most popular gastro-festival – is going to take place between the 18th and 21st of May in Millenáris Park, for those interested in trying out what the best patisseries, gourmet-shops, street food stands have to offer and also those who want to have a taste of the most outstanding wines, beers and pálinkas. This year’s focus is on the Mangalica pig and strawberries, these two being the most important ingredients in the meals prepared by the star chefs.

Besides attending the chefs’ stage presentations, exclusive lunches and dinners are also an option. One of the guests of honour is Ana Roš, who was awarded as the best female chef on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards. The Slovenian Roš – whose restaurant, Hiša Franko, is only open for a couple months during the year, yet it is the favourite place of gastronomy fans – invites us to a six-course meal. The other star-chef, the Polish Wojciech Modest Amaro, prepares an eight-course dinner for those interested. The menu provided by the chef of the Atelier Amaro is the same as the one available on the given day in the restaurant in Warsaw. Amaro is a star in his home country, having started his studies in the El Bulli, finishing in the Noma. Upon his return to his home, he opened the restaurant, which received Poland’s first Michelin star. Atelier Amaro is one of the best restaurants in the Northern-European region, according to the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards.

The Stílusos Vidéki Éttermiség (loosely translated as Stylish Restaurants from the Province) will be present with a workshop this year as well. There will be other interesting options for workshops, provided by Bori Mama from Gyöngyös, Natura Hill from Zebegény, bEAT from Székesfehérvár, Percze from Mád.


With the aims of preserving traditions, the best chefs from the provinces are invited to present the most exotic and exquisite Hungarian gastro-workshops. This endeavour is set to continue in the following years. This year’s line-up consists of the best restaurants, such as Anyukám mondta, Gusteau (awarded as the best restaurant of the year by Gault&Millau), the most popular restaurant from the Balaton region, Kistücsök, and the nationally acclaimed Harrer Chocolat chocolate workshop. The finest Hungarian wines accompany all of the meals.

Chefs from the Hungarian Michelin star restaurants will be present, too, preparing a meal with joined forces; namely Eszter Palágyi from Costes, Ádám Mészáros from Onyx, Ákos Sárközi from Borkonyha, Tiago Sabarigo from Costes Downtown, and László Mihályi from Mihályi Patisserie and Váci Desszertszalon. Also, Tamás Széll’s team welcomes the attendee’s with a five-course luncheon.

Among the newcomers is Szabolcs Szabadfi’s Holy Cow burger place, or the Georgian restaurant, Aragvi.

Other programmes include gastro-schools, workshops in a range of areas. The best exhibitors will receive professional and people’s choice awards. Entrance is free under the age of fourteen; kids’ programmes and workshops are available as well.

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