Budapest, July 28 (MTI) – As many as 250-300,000 migrants could enter Hungary by the end of this year if the border fence were not built on Hungary’s southern border with Serbia, government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said on Tuesday.

Over 95,000 people have crossed the border illegally by last weekend and the temporary seal on the border could be an effective way of handling this “flux”, Kovacs told public news channel M1.

Commenting on opposition Socialist Party claims that the national consultation on migration was a failure because only 12-13 percent of voters returned the questionnaires, the spokesman said this was still “5-6 percent more” than the number of Socialist supporters according to recent polls. The over 1 million people who returned the questionnaires represented a “strongly representative sample” showing what Hungarians think about illegal migration, he said.

Many of the statements that a vast majority of respondents expressed agreement with have proven true and the situation has even deteriorated since, so the government is forced to take further steps, Kovacs said.

Photo: MTI


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  1. Serbia is not responsible for the crisis in Syria, of course, but for protecting its state territory against illegal intruders.

    Why should Hungary sit idly by watching how Serbia lets passing through scores of peoples? By erecting the fence, Hungary has made sure that Serbia’s responsibilities are Serbia’s problem again.

    If Belgrade is clever, it stops looking to impotent Brussels for help and constructs a fence on its own at its southern border, so that the ball is in Greece’s field – until all gaps on the Balkan are closed.

    Let us be realistic: with Africa’s population projected to rise by 3 billion people (!!!) until 2100, the days of open borders are over. It was a fleeting phase in Europe’s history, but the windfall effects of the collapse of communism are over.

    Now it is all about protecting Europe against the demographic challenge of the 21th century, and it is good to see that Hungary is in the vanguard again.

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