Budapest, September 14 (MTI) – The last technical obstacle, a train wagon fitted with a razor wire frame to block the border, was put in place at Roszke on the Szeged-Subotica railway line on Monday evening.

From Serbia to Hungary, one can only cross the border through the official border stations.

The section of the border in question was the point most affected by illegal migrants coming from Serbia. Migrants are no longer allowed through the point where the Szeged-Subotica railway line intersects the joint border and the border fence.

Through this gap in the barrier, thousands of migrants entered the country everyday. They will now be returned to Serbia.

About half a thousand migrants are waiting at the old road border point at Roszke on Monday evening, and the Hungarian authorities are allowing small groups of 5-10 people into the country on foot through a border gate, MTI’s correspondent said, adding that the situation was calm. The migrants are kept informed about the situation by Arab police interpreters.

Buses are on standby to transport arrivals to the Austrian border.

Photo: MTI


  1. The immigrants are NOT refugees, but PARASITES looking for an easy life at our expense, and brought here by the devil’s own kikenvermin.

  2. We all know there are,or rather were, Christian inhabitants in Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, areas controlled by Kurds, Yemen, Syria, and other middle east countries. It was these people who were clearly the most persecuted with their churches burnt or destroyed, and themselves tortured and killed for their faith.THESE would be the real refugees! Where are they? Why do we only see Muslims ? Why does western news media never ask this most pertinent of questions of these “migrants”? I see a disproportionate number of young men ranging from an age of 20 to 30 years of age breaking large rocks on a road to make stones of throwing size to stone policemen. With their faces covered, doing their best to attack and kill soldiers in their way. They act exactly as trained assault troops deprived of weapons. The women are even worse, acting up before western media cameras to sway opinions to their advantage.
    Hungary owes these people nothing. It was not Hungary who invaded Iraq twice. I say GOD BLESS HUNGARY!

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