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Budapest, May 11 (MTI) – If Hungary paid the fines for refusing to accept migrants as part of the European Union’s quota system, the budget would be around 100 billion forints (EUR 322m) worse off, the state secretary for government communications said late on Tuesday.

Bence Tuzson noted that Brussels had indicated a levy of 250,000 euros per migrant would be imposed on countries refusing to participate in the scheme, and Hungary would be expected to receive 1,290 migrants.

He said this sum exceeded resources pencilled for VAT cuts in next year’s budget. “So we’re taking about a very big sum,” he said, adding that Hungary was forming an alliance with the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland to lobby on the issue.

Photo: Balázs Béli


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  1. This is proof, if anyone out there had any doubts that the EU was not a Democratic organisation that it is certainly not in any shape or form. It is now a dictatorship with only the EU Commissioners making it up as they go along from crisis to crisis and where will it lead us no one can even guess. But what is certain is that it will ignore all democratic conduct and the will of it’s citizens.
    Full endeavour must be made by all EU states to get into place for November the Referendum for a yes/no vote on immigration, the Democratic way forward.

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