Budapest, April 21 (MTI) – Government spokesman Zoltán Kovács has slammed a recent article in The New York Times as “outrageous” for comparing the migrants living in the Hungarian transit zones to the victims of the Holocaust.

The article published on Tuesday by the influential US daily said that several hundreds of asylum seekers are expected to be transferred to the transit zones by May, which invoke images of the Jews, Roma and others detained in concentration camps during the second world war.

In a blog post on Friday, Kovács called the comparison “wrong” and “outright offensive”, adding that it “probably ranks among the most outrageous statements about Hungary that we’ve seen in the media in years”. The transit zones are not “prison camps”, he said, arguing that migrants are “free to leave, returning the way they came”, but are not allowed to move freely within the European Union.

The reasons for the strict measures were the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, Kovács said, where he said terrorists used “Europe’s porous borders and lax asylum procedures” to commit their crimes.

The Hungarian government will not apologise for making the safety of Hungarians and other Europeans a priority, Kovács said.

Read the original NY Times article HERE:

Source: MTI

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  1. New York Times is a liberal paper. It publishes fake news. The staff is uneducated about world issues and when people who are on the staff are not too bright unfortunately the articles published are lies. That is also What Mr. Trump, the US President thinks of the paper.

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