Sentilj, Slovenian-Austrian border MTI Photo: György Varga

Budapest, November 2 (MTI) – The European Union’s quota system would result in moving over 160,000 people, the size of the Hungarian city of Szeged, to Hungary in the next five years, the prime minister’s cabinet chief said on Monday.

Antal Rogan told parliament that the Hungarian government wants to appeal to the European court against the EU quota, which would force Hungary to take in people.

It became clear over the weekend that Hungarian-born US billionaire George Soros is behind the “settlement quota”, Rogan cited ruling Fidesz group leader Lajos Kosa saying.

The quota means that the EU wants to have migrants to settle in member countries regardless of what the national parliaments, the governments and the residents think about this. The mandatory settlement quota would be defined by a formula, Rogan said and presented to MPs a sign showing the “Juncker formula”.

Just like Soros, Germany expects 1 million migrants this year and based on the “Juncker formula”, Hungary would be expected to settle in 13,200 migrants annually.

Citing a Hungarian Academy of Sciences projection, Rogan said that the current wave of migration would continue for five years. He added that migrant families would probably want members who initially stay at home to join them later.

He added that as a result of the quota, the Schengen system could come under threat because certain European countries are planning to restore border controls.

Rogan said the government considers the mandatory quota unjust because European leaders have no authority to pass such a decision. The government wants to turn to the European court and needs parliament’s support for this step, he added.


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  1. I believe that immigrants are picky where they want to live and Hungary is not a country they wish to settle in. I seems according to immigrants comments they want Germany or Sweden or the UK where social security payments and the standards of living are higher. The EU will be unable to force the immigrants into places they don’t want to go, which could involve violence from unhappy immigrants.
    The EU must have a referendum on immigration in each EU state for their citizens to decide this matter.
    Of course as I suspect coming from the undemocratic Commissioners they will be afraid to allow a free vote on this issue. A further sign of the EU’s inabilty to get to grips with immigration.

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