Budapest, September 17 (MTI) – The government has decided to extend a state of crisis to Baranya and Somogy counties in south-western Hungary, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto announced on Thursday evening.

Szijjarto said Hungary will begin building a fence along certain sections of its border with Croatia because that country’s immigration system “collapsed within a single day”.

He said Croatia’s immigration authority “lost control” over the flow of migrants into their country and are sending them on towards Hungary without providing care for them or registering them.

Szijjarto said state secretary Laszlo Szabo summoned the Croatian ambassador over his country’s sending migrants to Hungary. He said that “the era of hypocrisy and doublespeak need to be left behind”.

Szijjarto said Croatia’s handling of the influx of migrants had proved that it is not ready to join the Schengen Zone.

“We will protect Hungary, its borders and the border of the Schengen Zone,” the minister said.

He said he had informed his Austrian counterpart of all of the Hungarian government’s recent decisions and noted that he will visit Belgrade for talks with Serbian foreign minister Ivica Dacic on Friday.

On the topic of the Hungarian government’s plan to erect a fence on the Romanian border, the minister said the government at this point is only making preparations for the project, because Romania has “not yet been tested” by migrants.

Photo: MTI


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