Budapest (MTI) – The government will grant 800 million forints (EUR 2.6m) to support police who serve on the borders to take holidays, Human Resources Minister Zoltan Balog said at a joint press conference with Interior Minister Sandor Pinter on Wednesday.

The scheme will enable 15,000 people, including police and their families to go on holiday, Balog said. They will receive vouchers dubbed Erzsebet cards that can be used to book accommodation around Hungary at lodgings registered in the scheme. The police involved will receive their cards by the end of this year and the accommodation can be booked between January 4 and December 31, 2016.

Pinter said Hungary’s border protection has proved effective, with illegal migrants now entering the EU through other countries. There are many tasks, however, because 40,000 requests have been received from western European countries that want to return migrants to Hungary who had entered the EU through the Hungarian border.

The opposition Dialogue for Hungary (PM) party said earlier on Wednesday that police worked under “life-threatening conditions” at the border. Party spokesman Richard Barabas told a press conference that eight police suffered carbon monoxide poisoning at the border last week and images circulating on the internet show that only tarp shelters are available to police at the border. Barabas said they expected Pinter to explain why police are forced to stay under these conditions.

Photo: MTI


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