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Photo: www.facebook.com/UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency

The European Commission has proposed giving migrants voting rights and access to housing, a foreign ministry official said on Saturday, citing a strategy on the integration of migrants put forward by the commission this week.

The multi-point strategy “drawn up by pro-migration bureaucrats” begins with the management of migration policy, Tamás Menczer, the state secretary for communications and international representation, said in a video message on Facebook.

The next point elaborates on the goal of creating an open society and is followed by the goal of organising migration, he said.

The strategy also proposes providing financial support to migrants as well as giving them access to “adequate and affordable housing”, the state secretary said.

It also calls for creating opportunities for migrants’ “full economic, social, cultural and political participation”, Menczer said. Finally, the strategy calls for the involvement of migrant organisations in the decision-making process at the local, regional and national levels, he said.

“This is the latest strategy from Brussels,” Menczer said. “According to Brussels, member states that say no to this are not governed by the rule of law. The Hungarian government’s position, however, remains the same: we say no to both migration and [political] pressure.”

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Source: MTI

  1. Absolutely not. Migrants, legal and illegal should NOT have voting rights or right to free housing. This is exactly what has destroyed The USA, UK and if allowed in Europe soon we will be strangers in a strange land that we will be genocided in . This is another plan of Globalism and our number one enemy Soros. If we don’t stop this now it will be too late in 5 years.

  2. I do not see why new settlers should not be given same rights as all other people.
    My warmest welcome to all new settlers, Europe, since ever a wonderful melting pot of human beings, is your home too.
    Those Hungarians who are against it should remember and consider where they themselves came from…

  3. (Im)migrants are guests of the country they go to, similar to guests in your home: you treat them kindly but they don’t necessarily get a vote in the rules of your home. Not until they have spent some time getting to know you, paid their “dues” & proved trustworthy. Then maybe.

  4. Mario, it is about time that you went home.

    The Devil is keeping it very warm down there so you won’t need to be concerned about heating costs.

    Also, you will “be given (the) same rights as all other people” in Hell – adequate housing, social participation and possibly even cultural activities.

    However, there is NO way Hell’s immigrants- including opinionated ‘big-mouths’ like yourself – will have any say in how that place is run.

    Better get used to the idea ….

  5. My Dearest Mario,
    You should travel to lovely places like London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Stockholm to see and experience for yourself how these plans you whole heartedly embrace have been implemented. Have a great trip. Be sure to document your adventures in these places.

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