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The Government Spokesperson takes the view that political attacks are being levelled at the law tightening the legal border closure.

Zoltán Kovács said on the programme 180 minutes of Kossuth Rádió that the “choreography” that we have seen so many times in the past few years in the context of migration is being repeated once more: “so-called human rights organisations” funded from abroad level unfounded criticisms against the Hungarian Government, and Brussels bureaucrats as well as the left-wing and liberal parties in Brussels give the “appropriate response” to these criticisms.

The Government Spokesperson said that they will prove that the legislation is fully in harmony with the current regulations of the European Union (EU).

Mr Kovács is of the opinion: life “has demonstrated in recent years” that migrants abuse the possibility of applying for political asylum “as a matter of course”, which they use in order to disappear within the Schengen borders. He highlighted: we must resort to all possible means to ensure that illegal immigrants should not be allowed to enter the territory of the EU.

The Government Spokesperson also spoke about the Paks II project, pointing out: the project is the key to cheap electricity for the next fifty to sixty years.

Photo: MTI


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