george soros prize
Photo: Society Foundations

The government will not allow “George Soros and his money” to decide the outcome of the European Parliament elections, government spokesman Istvan Hollik told a press conference on Thursday.

The spokesman insisted that the US billionaire and the NGOs he financed were attempting to manipulate the EP election.

Meanwhile, he responded to a question about Jean-Claude Juncker’s recent comments to CNN in which the European Commission president called nationalists “stupid” and berated populist leaders.

Hollik said it was “quite amazing” that anyone in Europe declaring their love for country and nation was held to be guilty of a sin. Juncker’s statement, he added, proved that “the pro-migration elite in Brussels” did not stand behind the people of Europe and their security but supported immigrants.

He said May 26 presented an “excellent opportunity” to remove pro-migration politicians from the European Union.

Source: MTI

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