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“At least two thousand people from the Soros network are working against the Hungarian Prime Minister and against Hungary; they want to interfere in the Hungarian elections and want Hungary to have a pro-immigration government”, the Government Spokesperson said.

“The Soros network has been found out with regard to yet another outrageous affair; it has transpired that at least two thousand of the network’s people are working against the Hungarian Prime Minister and against Hungary, and they are doing so with an absolutely obvious goal, a political goal, and out of financial interest: they want to interfere in the Hungarian elections and want Hungary to have a pro-immigration government instead of the current government that strongly and decidedly rejects immigration”, Zoltán Kovács said.

The Government Spokesperson cited the statement by the former Chief Financial Officer of Soros Fund Management Tracie Ahern, according to which George Soros is clearly using the hedge fund and the Open Society Organisation at a tool to facilitate the enforcement of his political opinion, financial plans and economic notions worldwide, including in Hungary.

“According to the statement, George Soros has probably spent several billion dollars on Hungary through his foundation and at least 2000 people are working to realise his will, meaning they are working against the Hungarian Prime Minister and Hungary”, he added.

For this reason, in the name of the Government Mr. Kovács called on the Soros organisations to make public the names of those 2 thousand people, and also what opposition party politicians are on the Soros organisations’ pay list.

“The Hungarian Government will resist all attempts to politically influence the Cabinet’s immigration policy and turn Hungary into an immigrant country”, he underlined. “We will apply all possible means to deprive organisations that perform banned and unlawful political activities of this opportunity”, he declared.

The Government Spokesperson pointed out that a few days ago it transpired that the Soros network is attempting to convince foreign governments, and specifically German enterprises, to blackmail the Hungarian Government into changing its policies by blackmailing them with Hungarian jobs, in addition to which it also transpired that Migration Aid is attempting to compile a secret migrant database.

In reply to a question on whether the Government has any idea who is on this list, Mr. Kovács said they would like to see what the organisations themselves have to say about this.

With relation to the fact that Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister György Bakondi sent immigration-related emails from a Fidesz e-mail address, the Government Spokesperson said: György Bakondi is a member of Fidesz, and as it has done so previously, Fidesz is once again sending messages to people who have given them authorisation to do so during the current campaign. Fidesz is abiding by all data protection and campaign-related regulations, he stressed. In reply to another question,

Mr. Kovács suggested that anyone who receives a letter of this kind without prior permission should turn to the authorities.

With relation to the fact that several participants of February’s student protest have received court summons’ relating to misdemeanours, Mr. Kovács said: Just because someone is 16 doesn’t mean they are exempt from having to abide by the law; it is the authorities’ job to take the relevant action if the suspicion of an infringement arises.

Source: kormany.hu

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