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The government has put dialogue with representatives of Hungarians beyond the border and the diaspora on a new footing, and it is working to ensure that, as widely as possible, Hungarians feel like members of a unified Hungarian nation living in a unified Carpathian Basin, a government official said yesterday.
Speaking at the unveiling of a memorial to the Treaty of Trianon in Magyaralmas, in central Hungary, Péter Szilagyi noted that many Hungarians were forced to leave their homeland in hope of a better life elsewhere after
Hungary lost much of its territory to its neighbours after the first world war.  

The Orbán government has supported Hungarian communities across the border in reconstructing kindergartens, schools and churches, Szilágyi noted. The government has also supported companies that invest to preserve and create value within communities across the borders, as well as Hungarian jobs and sustainable institutions.

The government’s chief goal “is to preserve the roots of centuries-old families that have been torn apart,” he said.

Source: MTI

  1. Sounds like a sure fire recipe for stirring up ethnic tensions and stirring up trouble in the future.

  2. Looks like all fidesz politicians are bigger than their shoes. Of course, the only reason for all their irredentism is to secure the votes of those ” Hungarians ” who live abroad and naïvely think the XL-Caveman’s regime cares for them.
    Truth is, the only thing the king of Orbananas cares for is to stay in power forever, at the expenses of everyone and everything. No wonder why he so much admires dictators such as Putin and Lukashenko.

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